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Snapshot Day: A Day at Brookens Library

Wednesday April 16th is Snapshot Day – A Day In The Life of Brookens Library. On this day we collect data using a survey & everyone who fills out a survey will receive a FREE Brookens Library re-usable bag. What we learn  helps us better serve you!

You can also enter a raffle to win one of our brand new tumblers…3 winners will be drawn!

Snapshot Day 2014 at Brookens Library

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National Library Week (4/13-19)

NLWIt’s National Library Week and we are ready to celebrate (April 13-19, 2014)! Stop by the Front Desk and pick up a FREE button!

This is a time to reflect on all the things libraries do to serve their respective communities!

A Little About US:

Norris L Brookens Library supports teaching, learning and community at the University of Illinois Springfield. Dedicated in 1976, Brookens was the first permanent building on campus. It is known for its unique design that creates a space containing no 90 degree angles. Students find spaces for both collaborative work and quiet study in the library, as well as access to a collection of nearly 700,000 books and serials, including over 128,000 eBooks and eJournals. The availability of this robust digital collection, as well as the online help offered by Brookens librarians, makes the library a valuable resource for online students as well as their on-ground counterparts.

At Brookens, we strive to offer exceptional services and resources and continue to draw inspiration from the words of founding president, Dr Robert Spencer – “In our concern for literacy we are placing the library in the center of things – as a resource for the entire curriculum – for all students – and for a wide variety of learning experiences and modes . . . If our library also serves the quite traditional function of providing a site for an inexpensive date or social occasion or serves as a book-lined study hall for those who must get away from more distracted settings, so much the better.”

— May 16, 1976, Dedication of Brookens Library

Brookens Library at a Glance:

  • Total Volumes: 695,151 (includes all books and serials, both print and electronic, and government documents)
  • eBooks: 76,491
  • Journals, both print and electronic: 60,366
  • Audio/video units: 8,566


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Founders Hall – Reference Help Every Tuesday

It’s official, we are taking our show on the road! We will have a professional librarian leaving the library and coming to you in Founders Hall every Tuesday evening for the remainder of the Spring 2014 semester from 7-9pm. Drop by our table to get research help – no appointment is ever needed.

TTYL Founders Hall

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Chancellor Koch on change at Brookens Library

Over the past several years Brookens Library has been working hard to make our resources, services and space more lively and digitally sophisticated. At Brookens, we continue to draw inspiration from the words of founding president, Dr Robert Spencer:
“In our concern for literacy we are placing the library in the center of things – as a resource for the entire curriculum – for all students – and for a wide variety of learning experiences and modes . . . If our library also serves the quite traditional function of providing a site for an inexpensive date or social occasion or serves as a book-lined study hall for those who must get away from more distracted settings, so much the better.”

— May 16, 1976, Dedication of Brookens Library

A big shift in our service model has been adopting the idea of “Embedded Librarianship” , or going where the people already are to serve them. Partially in responsive to the digital shift, the idea of embedded librarianship takes the librarian out of what we know to be the traditional library and inserts him/her in the spaces (both physical and online) the patrons occupy.

UIS Chancellor, Susan Koch recently wrote an article that appeared in the State Journal Register that sheds light on our efforts to be more accessible for users of all types. The articles goes on to profile one of our Library Faculty, Sarah Sagmoen, who was recently named on of Library Journal’s 2014 Movers & Shakers. Read the full article here:

Susan Koch: UIS’ library is lively, digitally sophisticated

The original article appeared in the State Journal Register, Posted Apr. 12, 2014 @ 10:40 pm:

One of my favorite locations on the University of Illinois Springfield campus is the Norris L. Brookens Library.

Dedicated in 1976, the library was the first permanent building on the campus. During the nearly four decades since its construction, the Brookens Library, like many other academic libraries, has been transformed to become much more that a repository and circulator of books.

Thanks in part to the strong leadership of Library Dean Jane Treadwell, the legendary hushed atmosphere is long gone and in its place is a lively, digitally sophisticated and entrepreneurial “learning commons” where professional librarians and peer support staff provide all manner of resources and services and make possible—for students, faculty, staff and visitors—the vibrant circulation of ideas.

And when you think of a librarian, what words come to mind? Quiet, stuffy, drab, timid, puritanical, strict, fastidious? Well, that’s another thing about libraries that has changed. Sarah Sagmoen, whose official title is director of Learning Commons and User Services, is a perfect example.

Sarah has just been named a 2014 “Mover and Shaker” by the American Library Association. This prestigious national recognition is given each year to 50 emerging leaders in the library profession who are innovative and creative and who are moving libraries ahead to be more relevant and to better serve library users.

Sarah acquired her “customer service skills” at a young age. Growing up in Kewanee, her parents both ran local businesses, and while in high school, Sarah worked at Heartfelt Gifts, her mother’s gift shop. As a graduate student in Library and Information Science at Chicago’s Dominican University, she managed a Lebanese restaurant.

Those early experiences have served Sarah — and UIS — exceedingly well. She now leads a team of 16 tech-savvy student employees who provide “roving reference” customer service throughout the library and who use computers and iPads to assist library patrons to select and access resources, including over 40,000 e-journals, 200,000 e-books and 120 full-text multidisciplinary databases as well as over a half million print volumes.

“Students come to the library for many reasons,” says Sarah, “to participate in an information literacy class, to meet with a study group, to access electronic resources, to study on their own, to watch a video, to work on projects together, to meet for individual consultation with a librarian, and yes, even to check out books.”

“One of the biggest challenges for academic libraries today,” says Treadwell, “is teaching students how to navigate the masses of information now available electronically. An essential part of information literacy,” she says, “is learning how to wade through, filter, evaluate and select the best resources.”

Whatever their needs, Brookens Library patrons learn quickly that library staff are energetic, knowledgeable and creative and are there to help them. The old stereotypes of the librarian have disappeared, and according to Sarah, she gets shushed more often than she ever shushes someone else.

Like all of her colleagues in the library, Sarah is passionate about working with students.

“Some days that means I’m in the classroom teaching,” she notes. “Other days I’m supervising the library’s student book club, working with student support staff, creating new ideas for the annual Haunted Library or locating resources for a faculty member who is designing a new course.”

Next week, *(4/14-19) Sarah will be standing knee-deep in mud. She volunteers each year to serve as a judge during the annual UIS Springfest tug-of-war—a popular campus event. We would expect nothing less from UIS’s own “Mover and Shaker.”

Susan Koch is chancellor of the University of Illinois Springfield. Look for her columns each month in Our Towns.

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Katherine Boo Wraps Up Inaugural “One Book”

Last night, Katherine Boo spoke to a packed Brookens Auditorium audience about the issues raised by her book Behind the Beautiful Forevers, the challenges that she faced in the four years that she gathered the stories and the information for the book, and the ethical framework that guided her work.   The lecture was augmented by a slide show of photographs of Annawadi residents going about their daily lives in the shadow of the luxury hotels that ringed the slum.

Declaring that “better policies might get made if we know more about individual lives,” she explained why she spent four years in Annawadi gathering the stories told in her book. Her meticulous reporting is reflected in the way the people of Annawadi come to life in all their complexity—not merely as symbols of poverty in India of the effects of globalization.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers, Boo’s first book, garnered the National Book Award for nonfiction and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. It was chosen as the inaugural book for the “One Book, One UIS” community reading series because the committee felt that its themes resonated with the values of our campus. About the lecture, Vice-Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs Karen Moranski said, “Boo’s presentation was a model ECCE event…she analyzed her project in a way that made clear the relevance of the book for our students…”

Thanks to all of the people who helped make the entire series—course adoptions, reading groups, a panel, and last night’s event—a success. People are already asking members of the committee about the next book. We plan to offer the “One Book” series every other year, so stay tuned for the fall of 2015!

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Katherine Boo Coming to UIS April 1st!

Katherine Boo, author of “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” the 2012 National Book Award recipient will be coming to the University of Illinois Springfield for a lecture and book discussion.

Event Details:

Tuesday, April 1st

7:00 pm

Brookens Auditorium

Free & open to the public

Book signing will immediately follow.

Katherine Boo Lecture at the University of Illinois Springfield 4/1/2014

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Feature Film Suggestions

Homepage Promo_DVD suggestion.fw



Did you know that Brookens Library has a Feature Film Collection that is filled with popular DVDs that you can check out for free?  We do, and we’re working hard to expand it!  To find out what films are currently available in the library be sure to check out our Feature Films list found HERE.  Can’t find the title you’re looking for?  Make a suggestion for the collection HERE.

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Kindle Fires Now Available

Kindle Fire_Internal Promo.fwBrookens Library now has 12 Kindle Fires available for check out.  Kindles are available to current students, staff, faculty and members of Friends of Brookens Library.  These eBook readers are perfect for exploring our new 3m Cloud Library if you do not currently have a compatible device of your own the Kindle Fires can be checked out for 14 days with no renewals and come with all of the necessary accessories.  Stop in to the library and give one a whirl today!



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Introducing 3m Cloud Library eBooks

We are incredibly excited to announce our new popular eBook collection!  Now available, our 3m Cloud Library collection of popular eBooks can be checked out and downloaded to your tablet, smartphone, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, PC computer, or Mac. Download the 3m Cloud Library app, set-up your account and you’re ready to read. To get started, visit our User Guide located HERE, browse the shelves directly by going HERE and, as always, call or stop by the library for more information or assistance. Happy Reading!!


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What We’re Reading: Behind the Beautiful Forevers

  1. What are you reading?

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity, by Katherine Boo

 2.  How did you make your selection?

It’s the UIS One Book, One Campus selection for this academic year.

3. Describe the book in 20 words or less

Behind the Beautiful Forevers is a true, intimate, and harrowing account of daily life in a Mumbai slum

4. What did you like? What Didn’t You Like?

What I liked: It is well written and, though non-fiction, reads like a novel. The accounts of the slum dwellers are disturbing beyond belief yet engrossing and I found myself wanting to know more.

What I didn’t like: I felt a bit empty about not knowing how the people in the book turned out, but since this is nonfiction and these people are still living their lives that wasn’t a realistic expectation on my part – real life isn’t all about tidy endings.

5. Who would you recommend should read this book?

It is both a beautiful and painful book to read and, for me anyway, had a profound impact on the way I view the global economy and the relationship between government and poverty. I would recommend this book to everyone; it gave me a sense of perspective, an opportunity to reflect on my own privilege, and let me see that even in the worst of circumstances hope survives.

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