LibQual+ Highlights

The Brookens Library at the University of Illinois at Springfield participated in the national LibQual+ survey of library service quality in April, 2007. Developed by Texas A&M University and the Association of Research Libraries, LibQual+ has been rigorously tested as it has been used in thousands of academic libraries since 2000. The goals of LibQual+ are to:

  • Foster a culture of excellence in providing library service
  • Help libraries better understand user perceptions of library service quality
  • Provide libraries with assessments from peer institutions
  • Identify best practices in library service

At UIS, 220 people participated in the survey: 75 undergraduates, 66 graduate students, 53 faculty, and 26 staff. The Association of Research Libraries compiled the survey results and provided interpretative charts and graphs as well as demographic breakdowns of the participants. Ninety-three users supplied written comments which will be especially useful in following up on the results. The findings reveal areas where we in the Brookens Library need to improve the quality of service offered, and reinforce the need for a renovation of the library building.

Please click here to download the LibQual+ Consolidated Report.

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