2collab: share research & articles

ScienceDirect Adds Researcher-Generated Information to Articles via 2collab

Live on ScienceDirect since May 23, researchers can now see integrated researcher-generated tags, comments, and ratings provided by 2collab directly on the article page.

Introduced as a new box (see Figure 1.1) on the right hand side of the abstract and full-text article page ScienceDirect users can now see the tags used by researchers to describe the article, number of times it has been bookmarked, comments, article ratings and details of 2collab groups the article is shared with.

figure 1.1

This is in addition to the “Add to 2collab” bookmarking button (see Figure 1.2) that allows people to quickly add an article as a bookmark to 2collab.

figure 1.2

What is 2collab?

2collab is a free research collaboration tool from Elsevier.

What can researchers do with 2collab?

  • Store, manage, and share web references and bookmarks
  • Browse and search through other experts’ public bookmarks
  • Discover, evaluate, and initiate contact with other 2collab users
  • Export and import bookmarks/references from EndNote and RefWorks
  • Use the 2collab browser button to easily add bookmarks for any site

More Information

For more information about 2collab, please read the PDF Librarian Factsheet or visit the About page at http://2collab.com/ or watch the three-minute video about 2collab at http://info.sciencedirect.com/.

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