New Item in Special Collections

Book recently donated to UIS Archives/Special Collections
Book recently donated to UIS Archives.

Brookens Library’s Special Collections recently received a gift of a new book, Lincoln in Illinois: Photographs and Comments on Lincoln Statues in Illinois Commemorating the Bicentennial of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln, February 12, 2009.

The book was presented by its compiler and editor, Richard E. Hart of Springfield. Hart is president of the Abraham Lincoln Association, the publisher of the book.

The book includes black and white photographs of nearly 100 statues, busts and plaques found in squares, parks, museums, and public buildings around the state of Illinois. The images were taken by Chicago photographer Ron Schramm.

Photographs included in the book are currently on display at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

The photos are accompanied with descriptions, some factual and some poetic, by present writers, public figures, and Lincoln scholars. Among the commentators is President Barack Obama.

The book includes biographical sketches of the sculptors who created the Lincoln statues portrayed in the book, and also biographies of the commentators.

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