Michael Moore retires after 37 years

Yesterday the Library held a retirement reception for Michael Moore, who worked in the library for 37 years as a cataloger, creating records for the catalog–at first paper, and then online–and ensuring the quality control of the records in that catalog. Michael worked “behind the scenes” and most users of the library never met him, yet his hand is present in many of the over half a million volumes that the library now owns. As Michael’s supervisor Stephen Smith said yesterday, “Catalogers rarely get thanked for their efforts. They live in the back rooms and generally deal with grumblings when the catalog isn’t working. But as Robert Frost once said, ‘No matter whether we work alone or together, we work together’.” Michael was here from the beginning–when the library was housed in the temporary buildings, when boxes of books were moved to campus from the Leland Hotel downtown, when the library was first automated, and now as we catalog items that reside in the ether. He has applied his amazing good judgment and sense of organization to every problem that crossed his desk and worked always to make the catalog a tool for learning and discovery. We will miss his wisdom and his extraordinary dedication to a library of quality.

One thought on “Michael Moore retires after 37 years

  1. Michael will be sorely missed. His value may not have been readily apparent to those outside the library, but I know that I am not speaking out of turn when I say that everyone within the library deeply appreciated Michael. His wisdom and intellect were a gift that will continue to grace the foundations of Brookens for a long time to come.

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