New e-book contains photos from UIS Archives

The recent digital release of James Jones’s World War II novel, From Here to Eternity, includes photographs from the Handy Writers Colony Collection at the UIS Archives/Special Collections.  The Handy Writers Colony Collection has been mined by scholars and documentary film makers seeking to learn more about the colony and its most famous resident, James Jones.  In the early 1950s, Jones lived and wrote at the colony established by Lowney Handy in Marshall, Illinois.  Brookens Library archivist Tom Wood spent several years organizing the 2,000 plus items in the Handy Colony collection to make them more accessible to users.   Photographs and other materials from the collection were also incorporated into the extra features of the new Criterion release of The Thin Red Line, the 1998 film based on Jones’s novel.

For more information about the e-book edition of From Here to Eternity, please visit the Open Road Media website.

Reviews of and articles about From Here to Eternity: The Restored Edition:







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