Read Banned Books!

Read (anything you want)! It’s your Right!

Since 1982, libraries have celebrated Banned Books Week by showcasing banned and challenged books to bring awareness to the freedom to read and dangers of censorship.  But don’t be fooled, this week is about so much more than books.  It’s a celebration of Intellectual Freedom.  It’s about your right to unrestricted access to information.  As technologies change the way we find, read and analyze information, libraries will continue to protect this right and provide access to information by buying books (print and electronic), subscribing to newspapers, magazines and academic journals and providing free internet access on public computers.  So grab a book, magazine or newspaper; or visit your favorite news website or social network.  Read!  Read anything you want!  Because it’s your right!

Celebrate Banned Books Week with Brookens Library

Stop in and check out our display on Level Two

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Check out a list of some of the most frequently banned or challenged books that are available at Brookens Library:

Grab a movie based on a banned or challenged book

To learn more about Banned Books Week, visit the American Library Association’s site

One thought on “Read Banned Books!

  1. For some reason, it never crossed my mind that we were banned from reading certain books! Am I too sheltered? I guess the blinders come off and I start pursuing some of those books! Thanks for the valuable information and education! I’ve been learning something new everyday and what a lesson this is!

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