Congratulations Jan Waterhouse!

Brookens’ own Jan Waterhouse has been selected as one of the newest members of the WorldCat Local User Group leadership team. WorldCat Local is the University of Illinois Springfield – Brookens Library’s Quick Search.

What is WorldCat Local:

WorldCat Local delivers single-search-box access to more than 969 million items from your library and the world’s library collections. You’ll find:

  • 674+ million articles with one-click access to full text
  • 29+ million digital items from trusted sources like Google Books, OAIster and HathiTrust
  • 13+ million eBooks from leading aggregators and publishers
  • 44+ million pieces of evaluative content (Tables of Contents, cover art, summaries, etc.) included at no additional charge
  • 221+ million books in libraries worldwide

Your WorldCat Local service gets users the results they’re looking for and then connects them right to local, group and global resources through the services you already provide. It also gives your library visibility on the Web through the cooperative’s partnerships with leading search engines, social networking services and other popular sites.

WorldCat Local lets people explore the full breadth of resources your library provides in a single, streamlined search experience. Once they identify the items they need, integration with your library’s delivery options lets users get to those resources quickly and easily.

Learn more about Jan!

Janetta (Jan) Waterhouse is the Director of Library Information Systems and Technical Services at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS). She worked in IT for over a decade before completing a MA in Library and Information Science at The University of Iowa. She has been working in the area of library technology for nearly ten years and has been at UIS since December 2010. UIS was an early adopter of WorldCat Local and has been easing its way into making it the single search, recently branded Quick Search, for the campus since 2008. This summer each subject- and course-specific Research Guide will include database-specific WorldCat Local searches and WorldCat Knowledge Base will become the primary OpenURL resolver and knowledge base for link resolution and journal/citation searches. Jan’s upcoming focus is training UIS librarians and staff with WorldCat Local and WorldCat Knowledge Base to be able to use them to the fullest extent possible with user assistance and operational workflows. She has recently completed a year-long IT Leadership Program with the University of Illinois and is excited to put these skills to use in this new role with the WorldCat Local User Group.

Contact Jan

Jan Waterhouse
Director of Library Information Systems & Technical Services
University of Illinois – Springfield
Springfield, IL 62703
Office: 217-206-7114 Fax: 217-206-6757

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