Mary Jane’s Closed Effective Fall 2012

Effective Fall 2012, Mary Jane’s Café will not be re-opening for the academic year.  UIS Food Services, which operated Mary Jane’s, has said that the café was losing money and that they could no longer afford to keep it open.  While the café will be closed, the lower level door to the library from the concourse will remain open for set hours throughout the day and the space will be available during library operating hours.

Mary Jane’s Café, located on the lower level of Brookens Library, was originally opened on April 29, 2008. The café, named after the first librarian at Brookens, Mary Jane McDonald, has been an important and beloved place within the Library and a popular location for lunch meetings, group study, and special events.

Brookens Library is committed to continuing to utilize the Mary Jane’s space effectively, even without a Food Services presence.  We would love to hear your ideas about how that space can continue to meet the needs of the campus and the community.   Please provide your feedback by leaving a comment on this blog post or by sharing your thoughts here:

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