Remembering Don Springer

Remembering Don Springer 1938 – 2013

Donald Donner Springer, who passed away on January 24, 2013, had a special relationship with the Brookens Library.  Since 2003, Mr. Springer had been donating historical financial instruments to the Brookens Library Archives.  Many of these documents, including bonds, stock certificates, and treasury notes, are associated with prominent events and persons in financial history and feature colorful engravings.

Some of the items include: a 1782 bond issued by France’s King Louis XVI, secured by taxes on alcohol and salt, which were bitterly resented by the common people and contributed to the outbreak of the French Revolution; a 1967 check signed by oil tycoon J. Paul Getty; a 1777 Massachusetts treasury note, printed by Paul Revere and issued to finance the state’s operations during the American Revolution; and an elaborately engraved 1758 certficate for stock in the Royal Trade Company of Barcelona.


In 2008, Mr. Springer and his brother, William Springer, donated to the Library’s Special Collections an extensive collection relating to the family of George Donner, who left Sangamon County, Illinois in 1846, leading a party of emigrants (the ill-fated “Donner Party”) to California.


Don Springer was passionate about these collections, and we in the Brookens Library felt very fortunate not only to have received these two extraordinary collections, but also to have gotten to know Don Springer.

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