What a Library Dean Does

Today our “Learn About Your Library” post features one person – our Dean!  But let’s start with some context…There are a lot of types of libraries in the world.  There are public libraries, school libraries, corporate libraries, special libraries and libraries at colleges and universities just like here at UIS.  These libraries, like Brookens Library, are called academic libraries.  Academic Libraries have directors or deans who are in charge.

Here at Brookens Library we have a Dean and University Librarian.  Maybe you know her, her name is Jane Treadwell.  But what does the dean of a library do exactly?  Well, a lot things for sure, and definitely too many to list here in this blog post.  Here are a few of the important tasks Dean Treadwell is responsible for at Brookens Library.

  1. Creating a vision for Brookens Library by working with Library faculty and staff, the Committee on the Library and others to plan for future library services and initiatives
  2. Advocating for the resources that the Library needs to serve the students, faculty and staff of UIS
  3. Attending/leading meetings on and off-campus to stay informed of and present university and library issues and initiatives
  4. Fundraising by working with the UIS Development Office and the Friends of Brookens Library to raise money for the Library
  5. Representing the UIS Brookens Library and/or the library profession on local, state, national and international groups -for example, she currently is serving on the board of CARLI (the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois—the group behind I-Share) and on the OCLC Global Council
  6. Working with Friends of Brookens Library and Library Publicity Committee to plan and offer educational events for the campus and community

Like we said, that’s just a short list of the many things that Dean Treadwell does here at the library.  We could go on, but then we’d be writing a book instead of a blog post 🙂

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