Privacy Week Part 1

It’s National Privacy Week and we are helping spread the word by sharing a few helpful tips about how to protect yourself and your privacy. We’ve put together a five part series to share some simple tips and tricks to help keep you safe online.  Above all remember that YOU decide what information about yourself to reveal, when, why, and to whom. At Brookens Library we do not keep records of the information you check out or access.  We believe in your right to privacy!

Privacy Lock1: Look for the Lock!
When sending sensitive data, make certain to look for a small padlock at the bottom of your browser window to ensure you are sending via a secure (SSL) connection. The lock symbol in your browser’s Status Bar and “https” in the Address Bar show that you’ve got a secure connection. Look for it any time you’re about to engage in a financial transaction.  The lock isn’t a guarantee of security, but its absence is a guarantee of NO security.

2: Sniff out Phish
If you receive an email from your bank or another institution you deal with asking for information, verify it first before proceeding. Legitimate businesses rarely ask for personal information via email. As well, phishing emails can contain links that could lead you to fake web pages.  It is better to log directly onto your bank’s website or contact the institution yourself to ensure you are not being had.

3: Create strong passwords and update them frequently
Your password should be a combination of letters and numbers, but don’t stop at the bare minimum. Use uppercase letters in random spots. Substitute numbers for letters. Mash multiple word phrases together. Deliberately misspell those words. Space them out, and don’t use the same password in more than one place.

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