Privacy Week Part 2

It’s National Privacy Week! To help raise awareness we are sharing tips all week long to help you protect yourself online. It’s time for part 2 of our 5 part series. I bet you do some of these!!!

At Brookens Library we do not keep records of the information you check out or access.  We believe in your right to privacy!

4:  Use a secret email address
Publicly available information is the first way a hacker can get his foot in the door. Few things are tossed around more casually than an email address. Don’t give potential hackers a starting point, especially if you use the same login info across multiple sites (which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, read about how one man had to piece his life back together after being hacked here.). Instead, create an email address that as few people know about as possible that you use only for account log-ins.

Set up a secondary email account for shopping and mailing list activities. Keep this separate from online financial and business activities, so if required, the email address can be changed without disrupting important communications.

Also be sure to delete any emails that include passwords whenever you register a new account or change login info on a service.

5:  Don’t link your accounts
Yes, linking your Twitter to your Facebook to your Klout to your Hotmail to you Netflix and back to your Twitter makes things wonderfully convenient. But when one service gets hacked and has a bunch of linked services, you’ve just opened the flood gates.
This isn’t preventative, but it’s crucial for damage control

6:  Be conscious on what you display and post on Facebook
Check your network settings. If your profile also states your birth date, home town, address and phone number, along with a reference to your current and past employers, you’ve left yourself wide open to someone becoming the new you.
Also, use common sense and don’t share too much. For instance, don’t tell everyone you are going out of town, and don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your current or a future employer to see, or your mother for that matter!

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