Privacy Week Part 3

It’s National Privacy Week! We’re sharing tips on how to better protect yourself online! Be empowered and take control of your virtual privacy.

At Brookens Library we do not keep records of the information you check out or access.  We believe in your right to privacy!

7:  Don’t answer security questions with obvious answers
Online businesses everywhere have embraced the technique, which is called knowledge-based authentication. Theoretically, the answers to these questions are so personal and obscure that knowing them proves you are you. Experts say, however, that the technology could end up helping hackers compromise your online accounts more easily and essentially stealing your identity.
Instead provide secret questions with the answers absolutely not related to it. For example, for the question “What town were you born in?” you can simply register something like qT7_pp$B rather than Springfield, IL

8.  Manage your cookies responsibly
Cookie profiling is the use of permanent cookies to track an internet user’s activity online by marketers. They then “profile” users to target them with specific products.
Different browsers offer different ways to manage the cookies on your computer. You can easily remove any cookies that have been created in the cookie folder of your browser.
Should I block all cookies? Not necessarily. Blocking all cookies can help protect your privacy, but it might limit your experience on some websites. Be selective about which websites you allow cookies for. You can start by blocking all cookies, and then allow cookies as needed for websites that you trust.  Visit for more information.

9:  Put passwords on your devices
Even if you’re not prone to losing your phone or laptop, it’s good to keep a password or PIN on them since you probably use desktop clients and have websites that you’re perpetually logged into from your mobile device.
You get drunk and lose stuff. Things get stolen. Don’t make it easy for whoever ends up with your gear!

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