Privacy Week Part 4

It’s National Privacy Week and we are sharing some tips and tricks you can take to better protect your privacy online! We hope you find these helpful.

At Brookens Library we do not keep records of the information you check out or access.  We believe in your right to privacy!

10:  Monitor your credit cards and bank statements carefully
Take a few minutes to review your bank and credit card statements each month.  If there are strange charges, you should take the time to check them out. Often criminals will try a $1 or similar small charge first to make sure the number works before trying a larger purchase. You should look for this pattern. Credit card companies have programs to deal with fraudulent usage but you have to notice it first.

Also, you can ask for one free credit report each year. This can help you find out if someone has opened accounts in your name. If you feel your card information was stolen, consider canceling your linked card. Be persistent with watching your accounts; it may be months or even a year before thieves actually use your card.

11:  Think twice before enrolling in website services and share responsibly
How will your information be used? Is it safe? Do you really want anyone to know what you’re buying?
Could the information you are sharing inform others about your health or other very personal aspects of your life?

12:  Pay for embarrassing items in cash
Yeah!  Just like in the movies! Need we say more?

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