Government Information Impacted By Government Shutdown

At the stroke of midnight on Monday September 30, 2013 the Federal Government officially shutdown. The government shutdown is inconsistent across agencies so there is not a single comprehensive list of lost information resources. Due to the federal government shutdown, information from federal government resources is currently limited.  Most agencies have indicated on their websites what services are and are not available.  In some cases  the information you seek may be available through an alternate path.

Federal Website Affected (partial list):
Bureau of Economic Analysis (
Library of Congress (
National Park Service ( is offline but you can still get to

One can search for archival versions of these web pages saved by the Internet Archives’ Wayback Machine:

The Wired Campus Blog from the Chronicle of Higher Education gives this summary of the federal data loss:

Since many statistical resources from the Commerce Department and its Census Bureau went dark on Tuesday, consider these tools, available through the University Library website, as alternatives: Social Explorer

As an alternative for financial information and economic data, consider using the sources from the several Federal Reserve banks. Although some of the information will be affected by the shutdown, at least their webpages are up and running.

The St. Louis Fed:

The Chicago Fed:

The Library of Congress website is turned off, but THOMAS, the congressional and legislation database, is still online:

For information about Congress itself, is still up and running. To find other federal information sources produced and distributed by the Government Printing Office, check It provides links to many government reports and data that are available off of the federal web sites.

Please contact Brookens Library Information Desk at 217-206-6633 for further assistance.

This information has been compiled from various libraries. Much of the content was provided by John A. Shuler
Government Information Librarian, Resources and Research Services Department, UIC University Library

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