Haunted Library – Unhappily Ever After Part 2

Part 1 & 2 of the Haunted Library 6 part Series

Once a year, near Halloween, on the third floor of Brookens Library, things change: the books transform into their former selves. The books become trees, the floor becomes a forest, the characters, too, become flesh and bone. It is only upon entering the wood do you come upon two realizations: the books you read have lied to you and things aren’t so happy after all….

It is easy to lose one’s way in the wood. Here, the trees grow together, too closely, crowding the bookshelves. Here is where Hansel and Gretel are abandoned each year by their parents. Here, Rapunzel wastes away, locked in a high tower, her gold hair growing long and brittle, her skin going grey and limp. Do not run. Do not become a part of the story. Stay with your guide. This is their home

Stay tuned to see how the story unfolds and be sure to come to the Third Annual Haunted Library at the University of Illinois Springfield on Friday, October 25th at 8:30 pm in Brookens Library. There will be caramel apple nachos, nitrogen ice cream and thrills and chills! We hope to see you there.Haunted Library 2013

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