What We’re Reading – Matthew Rex

“What We’re Reading” is a blog series giving the Brookens Library staff the opportunity to highlight a variety of books, audio books, or e-books you might find enjoyable. This series will post every week on the “What’s New at Brookens” Blog. The fourth installment features our student worker Matthew Rex. Matt’s selection is a fantasy read perfect for younger audiences and for those who enjoy young adult books. Learn more about what Matt has been reading:

1.)   What are you reading?

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

2.)   How did you make your selection?

I found the book in the Browsing Collection in Brookens, and I thought it looked like a fun read.

3.)   Describe the book in 20 words or less using your own words.

In a world where magic is real and diminishing, a young girl accidentally becomes the last dragon-slayer.

4.)   What did you like?

I really enjoyed the humor. Fforde writes in a style that can be both serious and laugh-til-you-cry funny at the same time, which gives the book this magical, playful tone. There are many beautiful silly things, like the Transient Moose, that make you fall in love with the world Fforde has created.

What didn’t you like?

It was too short! It lacks some of the depth that other books have, but I don’t feel like I should knock it for that. Fforde has planned to make this book the first of a series, so he may be rectifying my only complaint!

5.)   Who would you recommend this book to?

 Fans of the fantasy genre, fans of silliness, fans of books! This is one of those rare books that can appeal to everyone, because of its lightheartedness and lovable characters.

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