What We’re Reading – Max Stewart

“What We’re Reading” is a blog series giving the Brookens Library staff the opportunity to highlight a variety of books, audio books, or e-books you might find enjoyable. This series will post every week on the “What’s New at Brookens” Blog. The sixth installment features our student worker Max Stewart. Max’s selection is a fantasy read perfect for younger audiences and for those who enjoy young adult books. Learn more about what Max has been reading:

1.       What Are you reading?
I am currently reading The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks
2.       How Did You make your selection?
It was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who said that the book was very good
3.       Describe the book in 20 words or less using your own words
A poor Orphan boy attempts to escape the slums by becoming apprenticed to an Assassin
4.       What did you Like?
I like how the author creates the world that the characters inhabit, I also enjoy how original the story is as a lot of Fantasy is very unoriginal.

What didn’t you like?

I do not like how some Characters will not be mentioned for chapters on end then turn up again suddenly, but this becomes less of a problem as the book goes on.
5.       Who would you recommend should read this?
Anyone who enjoys Fantasy, especially more serious Fantasy like George R. R. Martin should give this book a try.

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