What We’re Reading – Dean Treadwell

  1.  What are you reading?  Over Thanksgiving, read “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick.  It won the Caldecott Medal in 2009
  2. How did you make your selection?  Browsing through Barnes & Noble’s children’s section looking for a book for our granddaughter, came across this book.  Had seen it the year it was published but didn’t read it then; was charmed by it once more.
  3. Describe the word in 20 words or less: Beautifully illustrated graphic novel in black and white about a boy who lives in the Paris train station ca. 1935
  4. What did you like?  The illustrations, of course, but also the story about a boy pursuing his dreams and an old man returning to his—with plenty of adventure along the way   What didn’t you like?  At points, the quality of the writing doesn’t match the quality of the illustrations, but this is a minor complaint
  5. Who would you recommend should read this book?   Any creative and precocious nine or ten year old that you know ; anyone interested in the history of cinema; anyone interested in children’s book illustration; anyone interested in a finely crafted book; anyone who wants to be charmed and transported on a cold winter’s night.


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