Choose Privacy Week: May 1-7, 2014

Choose Privacy Week

Welcome to Choose Privacy Week!  We at Brookens Library would like to increase your awareness of the importance of privacy rights in this digital age.

Why does it matter? The American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom states that in this era of social networking, online databases, and cloud computing, personal information is now becoming more and more available online. While this ease of communication has made our work and personal lives more efficient, these technologies can encourage the disclosure of personal information. Retailers, hospitals and schools collect personal data from us as a condition for receiving services.  New technologies allow the storage and easy transfer of this information, including financial records, health care information, tax records and more, to circulate among government offices, private business corporations and law enforcement agencies.

During this week, we invite you to ask yourself some basic questions:

Is privacy a basic human need?

What does it mean to me? Whom do I trust to protect my privacy?

How do we balance the need for privacy with the responsibility for public safety?

What does a loss of privacy mean to our democratic way of life?

In this next week, we invite everyone to join us in the examination of privacy as an American value, and how we can ensure its security.

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