Brookens Librarians go to Vegas

Each July, the American Library Association holds its Annual Conference where librarians from all over the world come to learn and discuss new trends in libraries. This year Brookens Librarians Sarah Sagmoen, Dorothy Ryan, Nancy Weichert and John Laubersheimer attended the conference in Las Vegas. Sarah was recognized for being named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker and Dorothy and John presented on their recent work with badgification in information literacy instruction.

Additionally, on the afternoon of Friday, June 27, University Librarian Jane Treadwell, chair of the Americas Regional Council (ARC) of OCLC Global Council, presided over a brief ARC meeting followed by the 15th annual OCLC Symposium on the topic “The Internet of Things.”  Daniel Obodovski, co-author of The Silent Intelligence: The Internet of Things gave a keynote address on the topic of his book—how machine-to-machine communication already has taken over some tasks formerly performed by human beings, and how the internet of things (IoT) may change our lives in the future.  Examples of existing IoT items include personal fitness devices such as FitBits, driverless cars, and the Nest thermostat.  Attendees then discussed how IoT may affect library policies and operations.  At the conference, Treadwell also engaged in discussions with OCLC Member Relations staff about improving communication with OCLC member libraries.

As always, our librarians learned a lot and are excited to implement these new ideas at Brookens!


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