Meet the Team: Diamond


Name: Diamond

Year in school: Junior

Major/Minor: Clinical Psychology

Hometown: South Holland, IL

Hobbies: Performing, Hanging with friends/family, Reading

Post-college plans/What do you want to be “when you grow up” and why?

                  After I finish my undergraduate work, I plan to attend graduate school with a focus on clinical psychology/neuropsychology. My plan is to become a clinical neuropsychologist and work in a hospital setting with patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries. I want to go into this career because it combines my interests as well as the one thing I’ve wanted to do as a child: to help those around me.

Who is the person that influences you or inspires you the most? Why?

                  The two people that influence me the most is my mother and sister. Both of them are a beautiful combination of what it means to work hard and stay true to what you believe regardless of what obstacles you may encounter in your life. They are wonderfully supportive as well as loving, and I strive to be like them more each day.

What has working at Brookens Library taught you?

                  I am a new hire at Brookens, but I am hoping that I can learn what it truly means to live in the moment and focus on what’s going on around me, because, by doing this, there’s so much more to life that I can learn.

What is a memorable experience you have had at the library/UIS?

                  At UIS, I have had many memorable experiences. One of these experiences is the Haunted Library. It’s so much fun, despite how scary it actually is. I’ve loved it each year!

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