Congrats to Brookens Graduates!

We could not provide all of our resources and services to the community without our student employees. They are an integral part of the operations of Brookens Library. 

It is bittersweet to lose such three highly valued members of Team Brookens at the end of this semester. We are excited for them and the new chapter they will begin in their lives after college. Congratulations to Aman, Anuj, and Crystal. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!

Congratulations to Aman

Meet the Team Aman

Aman has worked as part of the User Services department for a year and a half. Aman likes to play and listen to music, when he’s not studying into the early hours of the morning. Aman’s a great member of our team, supporting other students, staff, and faculty by telling jokes and helping others get what they need. As an international student, he’s helped a lot of other international students navigate their way around campus and to the resources they might require. Here’s a video shot by Leadership Lived that talks more about Aman and all of the wonderful things he’s done for the campus community as well–not just the library! 

 Congratulations to Anuj


rotating_anuj-sept-2016Anuj has also been a part of our team for about a year and a half. His major is also Management Information Systems. On Wednesdays, Anuj often serves as our student research assistant, while the librarians are in their weekly meeting. Over the summer, Anuj and Aman both helped out with a huge shifting project, working with both speed and accuracy. Anuj is always supportive and always looking for ways to help his coworkers and others in the community.

Anuj has excelled at every task and project we have thrown his way, and he always takes it on with a positive attitude.  His customer service to all of our patrons has been superb, and his presence in the library will be very much missed by many.

Congratulations to Crystal


Crystal has been the student manager for the User Services staff since the Fall 2014 Semester. Hired in Fall 2013, Crystal has done pretty much everything a student worker would do, as well as everything a circulation supervisor would do. Active in her Sorority and always studying, Crystal doesn’t have much free time. After graduation, she plans to learn how to be a better cook and to read more novels and less textbooks. Crystal’s outgoing, friendly personality made her a pleasure to work with and she will be greatly missed. 


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