Meet the Team: Alejandro

Alejandro, a student workerName: Alejandro   

Year in school: Junior

Major/Minor: Business Management

Hobbies: Soccer

Post-college plans/What do you want to be when you grow up and why?:

I want to come back to Chile, and work for a Chilean Company. Then I am going to apply to a Graduate School (MBA).

Who is the person that influences you or inspires you the most?

The person that influenced me the most is my father. He has given me a good example about how to be a good husband and leader. He inspires me to be better every day.

What has working at Brookens Library taught you?

Working at Brookens Library has helped me to develop my team work and organizational behavior. I am also learning about my supervisors and their example and passion for the work.

What is a memorable experience you have had at the library/UIS?

Helping other students to achieve their academic goals by giving them advice regarding the library/UIS sources, and hanging out with my co-workers. Working at Brookens is fun!

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