Meet the Team: Mac

Mac, a Student WorkerName: Mac

Year in school: Senior

Major/Minor: Psychology/English

Hometown: Danville, IL

Hobbies: Reading, movies, and soccer

Post-college plans/What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

I want to be a lawyer because it puts me in a good position to help the disadvantaged. It also has been a calling for me and it’s something I have always wanted to do.

Who is the person that influences you or inspires you the most?

My mother inspires me the most because of how kind-hearted she is. She is willing to help anyone in any situation if they are trying to help themselves.

What has working at Brookens Library taught you?

Working at Brookens Library has taught me to work within a team. It is a really great, diverse team!

What is a memorable experience you have had at the library/UIS?

One of the most memorable experiences I have had while working is constantly scaring Nichole while she did shelf-reading.

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