Meet the Team: Laura

Laura, a student workerName: Laura

Year in School: Graduate

Major/Minor:  Business Administration

Hometown: Ketchikan, Alaska

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, traveling

Post-college plans/What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

After completing my MBA I plan to return to my hometown in Alaska and work in the tourism industry. I have grown up working for many different tour companies that work with cruise ships that come in the summer and I love the industry.

Who is the person that influences you or inspires you the most? Why?

My parents are the two people in my life that have influenced me the most. They have always taught me to dream big and showed me that anything is possible when you’re willing to put in the work. They are the reason I am today and I appreciate everything they have done for me.

What has working at Brookens Library taught you?

Working at Brookens Library has taught me how important good communication skills and attention to detail are. Working with so many different people you have to be able to explain things in a different way to different people and working at Brookens Library has helped me with that. Also paying attention to small details can make a bigger task much easier and certain tasks at Brookens has helped me with this too.

What is a memorable experience you have had at the library/UIS?

My most memorable experience at the library has been working with all the different people that come to the library. Everyone is always very appreciative when we help them, even with the simplest of tasks. It is nice when you feel that you have made someone’s day a little better.

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