Meet the Team: Daniel

Student of the week DanielName: Daniel

Major: Information Systems Security

Status: Junior

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UIS?: My favorite thing about being a UIS student is getting to experience the culture of the school. All the great things that goes on through out the school year and bringing people together. I also like the environment which makes you feel at home and everybody you meet is willing to talk and help.

What are your goals for the semester?: My goals for this semester is to as always pass my classes with good grades. I also want to join more clubs and be more involved in activities on campus. I want to have more fun than last year and be positive.

If there were a reality TV show of your life, what would it be called? Why?: If there was a reality TV show of my life, it would be called ” Life of Broken Athlete”. I was a soccer player who’s career was ruined by injuries. I have have almost every part of my bones either broken or twisted. this ended my long goals of being a soccer player.

Are you involved in any clubs/activities/sports on campus? Or what are your hobbies?: I am involved in the UIS FC soccer club and my hobbies are playing soccer and going out to explore. I like to take walks or drive around the city and take pictures and just observe. I also like to play video games like fifa, 2k and others.

What have you learned since working at the library?: Since I started working in the library, I have learn to know how to help others. Working in the library makes you know how to interact with people and also have experience on how to deal with people. Also the library gives you the knowledge on how to do research and gain peoples trust on asking questions about their projects or assignments.

What are your post-graduation plans?: My post-graduation plans are having the knowledge and understanding of how the world works. Having the experience I need in my work field and being able to contribute to the world. Finally being able to go out there and have fun.

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