Meet the Team: Tabbitha

Student of the week TabbithaName: Tabbitha

Major: Visual Arts

Status: Senior

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UIS?: I love being able to make friends so easily! The campus is small enough to feel like a big family. I also love being a part of Brookens Library, whether that be helping students figure out the printers or drawing on the chalkboard wall.

What are your goals for the semester?  Goal 1-Get good grades. Goal 2-Graduate. Goal 3-World domination. I like to set pretty decent goals.

If there were a reality TV show of your life, what would it be called? Why?: If my life were a reality TV show it would be called “A Million Places at Once”. I think it would be called that because I have a tendency to be everywhere at once.

Are you involved in any clubs/activities/sports on campus? Or what are your hobbies?: I am a member of a bunch of clubs including Japanime, AREA, and Queer Straight Alliance. I haven’t been as involved in them since I live off campus now.

What have you learned since working at the library?: I’ve learned how to work with a variety of different people who all learn in different ways. Also I have learned that no matter how many signs you put up, somebody will surely ignore those signs.

What are your post-graduation plans?: I plan on getting a job in a library. Once I do that I plan on going back to school for a Masters in Library Science. After all of that, I hope to move out of state and get a large house and fill it with rescue cats.

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