Meet the Team Tuesday: Justin

Name: Justin
Major: Information Systems Security
Status: Junior
What is your favorite thing about being a student at UIS? My favorite thing about UIS is how personal it is. Here, you aren’t just a number. Teachers will know you by name and you will actually build a relationship with them. It is also pretty neat when you go to the Student Union to eat and the food service workers remember your food routine.
What are your goals for the semester?  My goal for this semester is to excel in all my classes. With three of my four classes being online, staying organized and being productive will be a challenge. Stress management will be key, the less stressed I am, the better I will do.
If there were a reality TV show of your life, what would it be called? Why? It would be called “How Much is Too Much Star Wars?” I am a huge Star Wars geek; I have been watching the movies since I was 3. As all true fans know, The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie out of all of them.
Are you involved in any clubs/activities/sports on campus? Or what are your hobbies? I am part of the UIS Computer Science Club and also a part of their cyber security defense team. I have also competed with the team in the National Cyber League. My hobbies are fly fishing, watching movies, and playing video games.
What have you learned since working at the library? I have learned that the most important things in research is patience and persistence. The library can get almost any source for you if you are patient enough to take the time to look. If you can’t find it, be persistent and it will eventually show up.
What are your post-graduation plans? I hope to work as a security technician and work my way up the ladder in the security field at a business. Ideally this would be near Springfield or my hometown. After I gain some experience, I wish to try and get a job at the FBI.

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