Talk Like a Pirate Day: Yargh, yer piratin’ content wrong!

Yargh, yer piratin’ content wrong!

Did you know you can access software, music, video games, and more without having to pirate? For example, UIS provides students that live on campus with an HBO Go pass. To access it simply go to, select U of I Springfield as your provider and enter your UIS name and password. UIS also provides a variety of free software for all students like Office 365, antivirus, and more are available at no cost via Brookens Library is also a great source for free materials like movies, music, and everyday items. For instance the Library of Things allows you to rent cameras, cooking supplies, games, and more. ITS also loans out laptops for students to use as they please. Anyone with a UIS library card also has access to a library card for Lincoln library. The Lincoln library has an even larger collection of movies and other worthwhile materials.


Free booty for students to plunder

As a student you also have access to a large variety of discounts on also sorts of products at different retailers. Laptops for instance are often sold at a lower prices for students. Other discounts like lower prices for movies, tools, school supplies, etc. can often be found. Services like Spotify premium, Hulu plus, and  Amazon Prime are also available to students at a discount. Icardperks has a list of multiple merchant discounts available to anyone with a valid icard. You can find a variety of 10% off discounts available at gift shops and food establishments. If that’s not your style then perhaps a $50 discount on karate lessons will be a better fit. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to look for these discounts before making a purchase.


Support ye captain  

If, however, you intend to pirate software despite these alternatives then consider the following. Piracy hurts the industry and raises prices for everyone. Statistics show that in 2010 the losses due to digital piracy was 58.8 billion. By 2011 this number climbed to $63.4 billion in digital losses. It’s likely that you already pay a premium on many goods due to the piracy of others. The more people pirate the larger effect on everyone. To top that off you’re making it harder for the creators of pirated goods to stay afloat. It’s important to buy the products you like in order to support and show interest for future products of the same quality. Companies can and have steered away from making similar products in the past due to lack of sales. Depending on the circumstances it’s also possible that the creators of the product may go out of business entirely. This results in a lose-lose situation for both parties.


Risk walking the plank

Another thing to take into account before pirating products is the risks involved. Some of them are obvious like the legal fines and prison time. A criminal charge can result in up to 5 year of prison and a fine of $250,000. Civil penalties can monitarilly be even worse as the max fine per infringement is $150,000 which can quickly add up. However, if knowing this doesn’t deter you from piracy then perhaps the following will. Pirated goods often contain viruses, trojans, and other security risks. By downloading pirated software you risk giving away your bank credentials and other precious personal data to malicious hackers.


Nah worth yer time

The amount of time it takes to pirate content and the lack of quality assurance can become a major hassle that makes pirating far less appealing. Some content is just really hard to find online in its native quality. For instance Is it really worth it to spend a few hours trying to find a good quality torrents and wasting gigabytes of data just to find out the torrents you downloaded were of low quality or in some way didn’t work. Not to mention cracked software doesn’t get updates and if you run into problems you can’t call customer service for help. These points should all be taken into account and hopefully deter you from pirating in the future.


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