Monthly Displays on Display!

Monthly Displays at Brookens Library

The “How to Tuesday” Team want to wish you a happy almost-November! We update our displays monthly with a different rotation of hand selected books and movies. We try to relate them to campus events, monthly celebrations, or whatever quirky topic we feel like showcasing.

Pictured are the October displays that feature items connected to UIS’ Queertober and Fright Night

For the month of November, we are connecting our displays to the 41st International Festival (occurring on November 2nd at TRAC) and to National Young Readers Week which is celebrated during the second week of November. We are showcasing several young adult and children’s books as well as books on international or multicultural subject matter and/or books written by international authors.

Binge Kits will also be updated!

Stop by and check out our displays (and literally check out the items on them) and have a serendipitous experience! There is always something new to peruse.

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