cloudLibrary App Update

Our downloadable eBook and eAudiobook collection, cloudLibrary, launched a significant app update today. The app has a new fresh look along with some new features. Don’t have the app? Now’s a great time to download the newest version.

Image of cell phone with app displayed. Tagline: Borrowing just got better.

To ensure you’re using the new app interface, first update the app in your device’s app system. If the app looks the same after you’ve updated the app, you’ll need to log out of the app and then log back in to force the change. To log out of the previous app, you’ll click on the menu icon (3 vertically stacked lines on top left hand corner), then settings, then press the log out button at the bottom of the page. At that point, follow the prompts to log back into the app. To do so you’ll need your library barcode number. This number is located on the front of your i-Card and starts with the numbers 2141. Once you’ve updated the app, here are some of the changes you’ll see.

Navigation: Previously, the apps main navigation was hidden behind a menu icon. Now the navigation is always present at the bottom of your screen.

Image of navigation at bottom of app screen which includes buttons for Home, My Books, Browse, and Account.

Books of Interest: Books you are interested in reading were previously “flagged”. Now you will use the save button. Books you had flagged can now be found on the “Saved” tab when you’re on the My Books page.

Browsing the Collection: Previously, the browsing section fo the app would show a large portion of the collection all at once. For many, this screen was overwhelming and simply had too many books on it that weren’t relevant to the user. Now, the browsing section has a page called favorites where you can select your favorite genres and only see categories of books that interest you.

Series: If you’re reading a book in the series, you can now quickly see if there are other books in the series and if the library owns them. When looking at a Book Detail page you’ll see a series link listed (shown in the image below). While we are very excited by this new feature, our testing of the new system has uncovered some inconsistencies with this feature. We’re in contact with cloudLibrary support, and hope they’ll improve this feature soon.

Image of Book Detail page for the Book China Rich Girlfriend indicating the series link that is provided on this page.

Other new features include the ability to customize the color scheme and a customizable badge icon along with other changes to general layout and look and feel of the app. For assistance with the cloudLibrary app, please stop by the library main desk or call us at 217-206-6618.

Happy Reading!

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