Kanopy Videos Temporarily Suspended

The Kanopy Purchase on Demand (PDA) program was suspended in early February when the funds allocated to this program for this fiscal year were expended.  The program was established or envisioned as a way for faculty to preview documentaries and other media prior to Brookens Library purchasing them for instructional use.  In previous years, the library had received feedback from faculty that they were hesitant to recommend purchasing media, both DVD and streaming, due to their high cost when they hadn’t had the chance to preview them to ensure that it would meet their instructional objectives.  Kanopy’s PDA program was seen as a way to allow faculty to ensure that the media would meet their needs prior to purchasing. 

For those unfamiliar with purchase on demand models, the basic premise is that faculty and students can view or use material to a certain extent before purchasing.  Oftentimes, this is set-up automatically in that once the base level of “free” or “preview” use is exceeded, an automatic purchase results.  These programs vary widely depending on type of material and vendor.  In the case of Kanopy, the program is set-up so users can preview in part or whole a video up to three times before a purchase is triggered.  Once the fourth viewing takes place the library is invoiced $135/film/year and access to triggered or purchased titles is available for a year from the purchase date.

Although the library hoped that this program would make it easier for faculty to locate and integrate documentaries and high quality instructional media into their courses along with meeting the needs of online students, it was unable to anticipate the demand and how quickly the funds allocated to this program would be expended.  Given the success of the program, the library plans to continue the program in the next fiscal year with a more realistic allocation given its popularity and demand.

In the interim, if Kanopy videos are needed for your course this semester that haven’t already been purchased (a list of purchased titles can be found here), contact your department Subject Librarian.

Also, a reminder that the library subscribes to a number of streaming media databases, including BBC Shakespeare Plays; Black Studies in Video; Counseling and Therapy in Video, Vol. 1 & 2; Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video; Current Affairs in Video; Psychotherapy.net Video Library; and World History in Video. In addition, the library has numerous DVDs of both popular media and documentaries that can be used for in class use, and in some cases the streaming rights have been obtained for use in online courses or flipped classrooms.  If you have any questions, please contact your librarian

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