Choose Privacy Week 2019: Credit/Debit Card Security Online

When making purchases online, we often forget that once our credit card information is online it may not be as safe as we think.  There are plenty instances of data breaches where card/ bank information has been breached which happened just last year with T-Mobile. That’s why to properly protect yourself, a virtual card is a must.

To help you protect your debit and credit card information, there is a free service you can use on your computer or smartphone called Privacy. creates virtual debit cards connected to your checking account but, with a temporary card number to protect your information. The virtual card acts as a safety measure so that if the site was ever compromised the only information tied to you would be the virtual card. The best thing about it is that you would have complete control over spending and payments. If you wanted to cancel Netflix’s recurring payment, then all you need to do is press stop on its virtual card.  This causes any future transactions from the streaming service to stop. The other good thing about is the spending limits you can set.  Limits can be set to a specific virtual card like Netflix or on the account level for all purchases made through any virtual card.

You have a multitude of other ways to protect your card information such as avoiding deals that seem too good to be true. These deals are set up to take your personal information or to sell you a fake or poorly made product of what you are looking for. Be sure to double, no triple check that the company is reputable to ensure the merchant is not made up or has a good reputation.

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