Choose Privacy Week 2019: Passwords

Chances are, your standard 8 character password isn’t going to be sufficient if you really want to be sure that your password won’t be cracked. How Secure Is My Password is a great tool to tell you how long it would take a computer to find out your password, and consequently how secure your password is. The length of your password is much more important than the variation of characters used, though that isn’t to say character variation doesn’t help, and the difference made by adding just a few characters to your standard password can add years onto the time it’ll take to crack, so keep this in mind!

8 – Character Password

How secure is my password

Same password with 3 extra characters:

How secure is my password

If you struggle with keeping track of all of your passwords, take a look at some apps/utilities like LastPass or DashLane, which can generate, store, and secure all of your passwords in one place.

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