Books, Journals & More: The Library’s FY20 Material Budget

Recently there have been some concerns expressed about budget cuts and the collections at Brookens Library.  Although the overall library budget is taking a 10% cut along with the rest of the university, there have been no specific cuts made to the materials’ portion of the budget.  In order to balance budget cuts and not have a negative effect on overall services, the library routinely reviews all of its database and journal subscriptions to ensure that they align with the curricular needs of the university.  Due to budget cuts this year, the library will cut back on arbitrary spending on books, so that monies remain available to purchase items that faculty and students have identified as necessary to fulfill the university’s educational and research mission.  There are not unlimited funds available, and it is not reasonable to expect every suggested purchase recommendation will be satisfied.  However, the library prides itself on being a good steward of the funds provided for materials, and librarians will work with faculty to make every effort to ensure that resources are available whenever possible. 

The simplest and easiest way to guarantee that necessary materials are available for faculty and students is to request that they be purchased.  The library strives to make this as simple as possible with a reserve request form so faculty can have new or existing items set aside for specific courses, a streaming media request form for streaming videos for online or blended courses, an online recommendation form for books, DVDs or Library of Things, and a librarian devoted to meeting the instructional and material needs of the departments, faculty, and students they serve.

If you have specific materials that you would like the library to purchase for your classroom, your research, or professional development, please contact a librarian (Librarians by Department) or use the appropriate form.

If you have any questions about the collection or the Library budget, contact Stephen McMinn, Director of Collections and Scholarly Communications, or Dean Pattie Piotrowski for more information.

Material Request Forms:

Course Reserve Form

Streaming Media Form

Book Request Form

Popular Collections (Books, DVD’s, Library of Things) Request Form

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