Banned Books Week

Each year Banned Books Week is honored around the world by librarians, teachers, readers, and many more supporters of the book community. Seeking to shed a light on new and historical attempts to censor books at libraries and schools, Banned Books Week is about standing in support of the right to read and the freedom of information.

Why are books challenged or banned? Well, because someone felt they present voices, content, or ideas that are dangerous and inappropriate. Examples include Where’s Waldo? being challenged due to the image of a woman sunbathing topless . . . while facedown. Or Tango Makes Three, a children’s book about a penguin with two dads that was challenged because parents may find the content distasteful.

The American Library Association maintains a large collection of information about frequently challenged books for anyone to browse and learn from. They also compile yearly statistics about censorship in libraries that have been condensed into this infographic.

Censorship by the Numbers Infographic
Censorship by the Numbers

At Brookens Library, we will be highlighting banned and challenged books in our print and digital collections, as well as spotlighting items on our social media. The library cares about your intellectual freedom and encourages you to take ownership of it. We hope you feel empowered this week to peruse some banned or challenged items at the library and to research and learn about challenges to your right to information.

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