How to Take a Study Break

Hey All!

Welcome back to How to Tuesday.  Generally, we think of the library as a place of study and peaceful refuge. However, as the semester progresses and assignments become more stressful perhaps what we need most is a study break!  This week we have compiled some of our favorite ways to take a study break in Brookens. 

Lockers and Charging Stations

First and foremost, when getting up to take a study break remember to take your things with you so they don’t go missing or get stolen.  On the main level we have multiple-port charging stations where you can lock up your electronics and ensure a full battery life.  Additionally, we have lockers available for checkout all semester long at the circulation desk.


Get your creative fix in at our Lego table located near the back of the main level! 

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand gives your mind the perfect opportunity to decompress and take a break from the task at hand.  Located near the back of the main level, our kinetic sandbox presents the perfect medium to let your creative side take over.

Feature Film Collection

Explore our expansive collection of Feature Films and T.V. show titles to keep you occupied in your downtime.  You can check out up to three movies at a time for up to a week.  We also have a collection of educational videos and documentaries.

Bean Bags

For more comfortable seating (or napping) try dragging one of our giant bean bag chairs to your favorite study spot on the main level. 

Board Games

Take a break with a friend and explore our collection of board games to be checked out.  You might be surprised and find other items in the Library of Things to have fun with.

Take a Nap

Maybe all you need to get back in the studying mood is a power nap.  The fourth floor is a quiet floor and provides a peaceful environment needed to catch a quick snooze.  Try the couches in the lounge or near the curriculum collection!

Draw on a Whiteboard

If you need a visual aid to help you study or a place to catch a quick game of hang-man with friends we have portable white boards available to you on the main level on a first-come-first-serve basis.  In addition, we also have whiteboard tables which can be used for similar purposes.  Markers and erasers are available in a kit to checkout at the circulation desk.

These are just a few of the ways we like to take a break at Brookens.  Be on the lookout for an opportunity to let us know your favorite way to take a study break in the upcoming weeks on the whiteboard on the main level.

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