Renovation 1 Year Anniversary

Our main floor renovation is officially 1 year old today! To celebrate, we’re taking a stroll through memory lane and looking back at some photos of the main level of the library.

Here are a few photos prior to the renovation. There were book stacks everywhere, twice as many computer stations, and an abundance of red carpet. As you can see it lacked light, and was very cramped. It was far from an ideal study environment for students and didn’t have any space for student engagement.

We closed the floor at the end of the Spring 2017 semester. Renovation started with carpet removal. With the space cleared out, it was immediately apparent just how vast the main floor could be once opened up. It provided ample room for us to rearrange existing furniture and build a very much needed dedicated library learning space.

On October 15, 2018 we re-opened the floor and welcomed students back to their new library. Library Dean, Pattie Piotrowski remembers that “students immediately came in and reclaimed the space. They settled in to study right away. They were so comfortable, it was if it had never been closed.”

Now spacious and light, the main floor is a welcoming environment for our students to meet, collaborate, and study. The new Library Learning Center provides a space for information literacy instruction, training, workshops, and much more.

Without photos it’s hard to remember what the space looked like before the renovation. It is a space so transformed that it bears no resemblance to its past self. Watching students own this space and truly make it their own over the last year has been an absolute joy. It truly is the space that our students deserve.

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