Feature Films & Binge Kits

Hi y’all!

Welcome back to How to Tuesday. Finding movies online can be frustrating and often requires a monthly subscription for access to just a limited selection.  If you are tired of paying for movie rentals and subscriptions, Brookens Library has a wide variety of popular movies and T.V. shows.  This week, we are bringing you information on our collection and how you can access it.  

Feature Film Collection

Picture of the Feature Film Collection in Brookens Library.

Our Feature Film collection is located near the rear of the main floor and contains hundreds of movies available for check out.  In addition, our video collection is located in the same area and contains many documentaries and educational videos available for class, or recreational viewing.  We are always adding new titles and our display provides for optimal browsing experiences.  Looking for a specific movie or show?  Don’t hesitate to ask about it at the circulation desk. 

Binge Kits

Additionally, these colder months are perfect for grabbing a DVD Binge Kit and hibernating inside.  The Binge Kits contain 3 feature films from the same genre and can be found on the main floor of Brookens Library, near the front.  Upon checking out a Binge Kit you will also receive candy of your choice AND a bag of popcorn to complete your movie night.  You can check out up to three movies at a time or one binge kit for up to a week. 

As always, thank you for reading and be sure to tune in next week’s How to Tuesday.                 

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