HTT: Resources for Coping with Finals Week Stress

Thank you for tuning in to the last How To Tuesday of the semester.  At Brookens Library, we know how stressful finals week can be, and we want to offer up some helpful information for coping with stress and anxiety.

With final papers and projects due soon, we know that having adequate sources and citations are imperative to having a successful finals week. Located in front of the librarian suites on the main floor we have a stand with pamphlets and flyers regarding different citation styles including MLA, APA and Chicago. 

Flyer stand in the library with flyers on citation styles, library resources, and coping with stress.

If you look below the citation flyers we have pamphlets from the American College Health Association and the UIS Counseling Center regarding stress, anxiety, and some tips for managing them.  Not only is there information for managing stress, but there is also information about recognizing the symptoms of stress and anxiety in yourself.  Stop by and pick one up to get you through these trying times.

Vending machines in the tunnel between Brookens Library and PAC.

Finally, if you are up late studying in the library and need a snack or energy boost, don’t forget about the vending machines located in the tunnel between Brookens and PAC.  You can access this tunnel from the first floor of the library or the stairway just inside the main library entrance to the right.     

Thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you next semester! 

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