Browsing Brookens: New and Popular Books

Hello friends and users of Brookens! This is the third week of our Browsing Brookens Collections Series for our How To Tuesday feature. Last week we broke down the Library of Congress call number system and explored the General Collection on the fourth floor. This week the SPARK Team is excited to be showing you our New and Popular Book Collections and how to browse them.

The New Book Collection can be found directly across from the circulation desk on the main floor. These are academic books that are new to the library. A circular blue sticker with the word “New” is placed on the binding just above the call number. Similar to the General Collection, they are organized by call number.

The Popular Book Collection is comprised of fiction and nonfiction books that are especially popular right now. Many of these titles will be on display at your local book store as well. These are also organized by call number. All of the books in the popular collection can be distinguished by a small white sticker directly above the call number that says “popular”.

You can look for specific titles in these collections by searching the main search bar on the Brookens Library homepage. If you can’t find the book you want at Brookens, you can search for the book via I-Share and request it from another library. If you have questions regarding these collections, the availability of a book, or anything else library related, please don’t hesitate to ask the circulation desk.

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