Hidden Gem: Business Twitter Trends & News

With so many resources at the library, it’s impossible to know about all the awesome and unique collections available. So, we’re highlighting some of our favorite lesser known collections in our Hidden Gems series.  These are collections that are tucked away in larger library resources that you may not know exist.   

The Mergent financial database can be useful if you are prepping for a job interview and want to impress your interviewer with your knowledge of the company’s current events and trends. Mergent’s Company News feature can give you a quick overview and provides links to a company’s recent business Tweets, news stories, market drivers and an event timeline all in one place (shown in the image below).

Image of the News page on Mergent for Google

To find this feature:

  1. Go to Mergent and enter the name of the public company you want to research in the Company Search box, select the correct company from the drop down box that appears, and click Go.
Image of how to do a company search in Mergent

2. Next, select the News tab.

Image of how to select the News tab

3. This will take you to the News feature with information on web volume, business Twitter trends, market drivers, regional and global news, business influencers, latest news, top business Tweets, event timeline, analyst commentary, and recent management changes. You can click on the colored maps and squares to link out to different news stories.

This database only provides information on public companies and corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Wells Fargo, Target, etc. Do not use if you want to research a non-profit, small business or a private company.

If you need assistance in accessing or searching library resources, please contact a librarian

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