Showing DVDs & Videos in Class via Zoom

The University and Library are committed to following copyright guidelines while trying to ensure that students have access to the materials they need during this time of increased remote learning. The topic of streaming media can be complex depending on numerous factors, so our Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian is highlighting some useful resources below.

The basic copyright guidelines for in-class, in person instruction are generally fairly open in that videos or films can be shown in class as long as they have an educational objective. The guidelines for live remote classes attempt to mirror the in-person guidelines as much as possible. This link at UC San Diego (Showing DVDs and Videos in class via Zoom​) details how this might be achieved in a remote environment. 

If you need media for your course, please use the Course Reserve Request Form. If a streaming version copy cannot be acquired, the Streaming Media Request Form and/or a Fair Use Checklist Form may be required. More information on Course Reserves and the Course Reserve Policy can be found on our Faculty FAQ guide. 

If you have any questions, please contact H. Stephen McMinn, Director of Collections and Scholarly Communications ( or your Librarian

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