Fall 2020 Library Workshops via Zoom

Brookens Library is launching a new workshop series via Zoom for students this fall! These workshops are an opportunity to build up your research skills and get to know the library a bit better.

Please register and tell us which workshop(s) you’d like to attend by filling out the Registration Form, and you will receive a link to the Zoom session.

See our workshop schedule below:

Finding Articles in Library Databases
Tuesday, October 6 at 1pm-2pm
Thursday, October 8 at 10am-11am

Learn how easy it is to get exactly what you need for your research when you use the library’s online databases. We’ll give you an overview of Academic Search Complete and share our best tips for locating scholarly articles and narrowing your search to get more relevant information – a must for anyone doing a research paper.

Library Open Office Hours
Monday, October 12 at 3pm-4pm
Tuesday, October 13 at 1pm-2pm
Wednesday, October 14 at 5pm-6pm
Thursday, October 15 at 10am-11am
Friday, October 16 at 11am-12pm

The Library will be holding open office hours via Zoom to help students with their research projects, including using the library catalog and databases to find articles, ebooks, books, etc. If you have a question about library resources or services, stop by via the Zoom link below and ask! All open office hours are drop-in; no registration necessary.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://uis.zoom.us/j/93218324904?pwd=WkFGb2w5SElTbmNYaDVEOUpoSEYxdz09

Optimizing the New Library Catalog: Articles, Books, I-Share & More
Tuesday, October 20 at 1pm-2pm
Thursday, October 22 at 10am-11am

Come take a hands on tour of the new library search interface and learn from your librarians about the recent updates to our library catalog and I-Share interface. Topics include: requesting books from I-Share, searching the catalog, and accessing your library account.

Spotting Fake News
Tuesday, October 27 at 1pm-2pm
Thursday, October 29 at 10am-11am

Evaluating online content is complex and incredibly important. This workshop will help you to be a savvier searcher.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about fake news and why it exists
  • Learn about confirmation bias and filter bubbles
  • Learn about tool and criteria for evaluating information on the internet

Getting the Most Out of Google Scholar
Monday, November 2 at 1pm-2pm
Thursday, November 5 at 10am-11am

Is Google Scholar a favorite in your research strategy? This workshop will teach you how to use advanced features such as search alerts, metrics, and more. Additional topics covered:

  • Overview Google Scholar, what it searches, and how to access articles
  • Setting up a Google Scholar profile
  • Linking Google Scholar to Brookens Library
  • Overview of basic and advanced search strategies
  • Understanding the results list and how to manipulate it
  • Organizing and saving results using the Google Scholar “My library”

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