Want to Learn How to Draw?

Drawing has been present in our lives ever since we first knew how to hold a pencil. Remember when you were younger and you were in school drawing whatever you wanted to? Everyone knows that as kids we weren’t an expert in drawing and all we could draw were stick figures. Something similar to this:

Hopefully this brought back memories!

While beginner artists can draw simple and small pictures like stick figures, those at the intermediate level can take it up a notch – and anyone can get to the advanced level, all it takes is a little practice. After all, “practice makes perfect.” Today, you’ll be shown the simple steps in basic drawing.

Step 1: Getting ready 

When getting ready to draw, you need to have all of your materials, be patient, and be open to accept criticism. For the materials, it’s your choice! You can use any color/type of paper, any pencil, any marker, any crayon, and etc. It’s your artwork! Any artist knows that drawing takes a lot of time and patience especially if you want it to look good. Accepting criticism is important because it will help you improve and become a better artist. Yes, it may hurt a bit but it will also help you a. 

Step 2: Finding the artwork you want to draw 

Before you start drawing, you have to know specifically what you want to draw. The best places to find inspiration are Pinterest and Google. On Pinterest, you can find things to draw like buildings, objects, fictional characters or even a curated mood board to inspire you to draw something new. Browse through at their website or download the app (don’t worry it’s free!).

Step 3: Print out the picture you want

Print out the picture? Yes, print out the picture. By doing this, you can put a blank sheet of paper over the printout so you can get used to the feel of drawing. Try to keep the papers together and still so you can trace the picture perfectly. Can’t see the printed paper? Use a light source such as a lamp or your phone to see the lines on the printed paper through the paper that you are drawing on.

Step 4: Leave it how it is, color it, or draw the picture without the printed paper

BOOM! You drew your first picture! You can decide what you want to do with your first drawing. As a next step, it’s recommended to try to draw that same exact picture but without tracing the printed paper. Why? To see how well you can draw without tracing.

Here is a list of eBooks that can teach you some drawing techniques:

Search our library catalog to find more books on drawing!

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