Playing Dungeons and Dragons Remotely

In this follow-up to our previous Dungeons & Dragons blog post, we’ll be highlighting the three core D&D sourcebooks and a few different websites that can be helpful when playing D&D online and respecting social distancing guidelines. 

There is the Player’s Handbook (available to request via I-Share), the most important book for playing D&D; this gives the information for character creation that includes your character’s race, class, and background as well as the rules for combat and basic roleplaying. Then there is the Monster Manual, the book that explains many of the creatures that one can find in a campaign. Finally, there is the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the most important book for the Dungeon Master. This book gives a lot of context to the game of dungeon and dragons; despite its name, players should at least skim this book to get an understanding of some other rules of the game.

Any or all of these sourcebooks would be a great gift for anyone wanting to play some D&D, and, also don’t forget to shop local when you can to support your local game stores!

Two online sources that can be quite useful are Roll20 and Discord. Roll20 is a free site where a Dungeon Master can create their worlds and have virtual maps so that players can still see the battlefield. Roll20 is an intuitive site where players can roll virtual dice, in lieu of real dice. Roll20 also has the ability for people to talk to each other and see each other, assuming you have a microphone and a camera.

Discord, another website where a free account can be made, can also be useful if you don’t like the interface to Roll20. You can download bots that allow you to play music as well as bots that can roll dice. Discord is a service where users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers.” Both of these sites can be really useful to play D&D remotely. 

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