Printing at the Library

Picture this: you’re living on campus, it’s 8:00 on a Tuesday night, you have an assignment due the next morning, and you desperately need to access a printer. If I was in this situation, I would probably panic and start worrying, but that would definitely be the wrong approach to the problem because printing at UIS is incredibly easy. Whether you need to use a black and white printer, a color one, a scanner, or a copy machine, the library has you covered.

On the main floor of the library there’s one black and white printer, one color printer, scanners and copy machines. Printing at the library is only available during study hours, however, so if the library is closed, there is also a black and white printer in the PAC lobby.

To pay for your printed materials, you simply need to swipe your i-card at the print station. Every student is allotted $25.00 in printing funds per calendar year, which will be added to your printing account the first time your i-card is swiped at a print station. Prices for printing and scanning are as follows:

  • Black and white prints: $0.10
  • Color prints: $0.25
  • Copied pages: $0.10
  • Scanning: free

Next time you need to print something, whether it’s planned or last minute, don’t panic, just head to the library! Owning and maintaining a printer can be costly and annoying as well, so take advantage of the resources at Brookens.

If you need extra information on printing, you can head to the library’s website to learn more about it!

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