Your Guide to Frequently Used Library Terms

Do you want to take advantage of the resources Brookens Library has for students? Does the confusing jargon used at the library confuse you? If so, then we have some help for you! We’ve outlined some terms below that will allow you to succeed at the library in everything you do!

Call number – a group of letters and/or numbers that identifies a specific item and provides a way to locate physical books in the library

Database – a collection of information stored electronically

Peer review – a process where experts in a field review books or articles submitted for publication by the experts’ peers

I-share – a library system that provides participating libraries with a merged catalog of the holdings of all I-Share libraries and supports resource sharing among participating libraries

Catalog – a database listing and describing the materials held by a library

Interlibrary loan – a service that allows you to borrow materials from other libraries through your own library

If the idea of entering a library freaks you out, don’t stress! The library was made for students, so you should never worry about feeling out of place. Please feel free to ask librarians about anything and everything that worries you! They know all the tricky terms that can come up and are more than happy to help with whatever you need. If you have any questions, you can use our “Chat with a Librarian” service or schedule an appointment with a librarian!

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